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With a design based on the classic strategy games, such as Chess, Checkers, Shogi and Go, TRENCH is a strategy game inspired by the trench warfare during World War I, to bring you the ultimate 2-player challenge!

Two enemy armies, camouflaged on the field — one black and one white — combat on a diamond-shaped 8×8 grid board, full of optical illusions, that is separated by a Trench. This barrier plays a central role in the conflict: occupying it will make the difference in the outcome of the confrontation.

As hostilities between the armies grow, each player attempts to seize control of the Trench in order to take full advantage of its strategic potential, hoping thus to breach the opponent´s defenses and capture their most valuable pieces. From the soldier to the General — each one of which possesses its own particular and distinct maneuvers — all will have to cooperate to occupy the Trench, invade the enemy’s territory (re: promotion/Trench Marshal) and vanquish the foe. The army that manages to survive after one (re: normally/variant) or at least two battles (re: rematch) wins the game!

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Disclaimer: Please note that this is a pre-alpha version. Many changes will take place before its official release


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